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Monday, 28 January 2013

Veld fires claim Telkom cables - repaired

We love going local. However sometimes there is a risk. The Veld fires in the Drakenstein destroyed communication cables and now our web site and email have no way of telling the outside world how to find them.
This means that until further notice Quaffee's web site is done and their emails wont get to them. The good news is that their phones still work, and their administration email is working, so you can email them there.

As soon as the website and email are up we will update this post.

email at:
tel: 021 794-2988

Update: Date: 28 Jan time 15:35 WE ARE UP again, all services have returned to normal.

Update: Date 29 Jan 2013 13:00 We are down again, not sure if the problem with temporary solution. Will update if we are up again.

Update: Date 29 Jan 15:45 - We are back up again.

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