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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Coffee Roasting Company - RIP

For those of you that are wondering what has happened to the Coffee Roasting Company based at Lourensford, Somerset West, read on:

Lucien with his roaster
It took just over 14 months after Lucien passed away for the coffee roasting company that Lucien started in 2003, to finally close its doors. The coffee roasting company based at Lorensford, was the seed of many coffee company's that started up. Including Quaffee, which for most of the time, was a partner in bringing green (unroasted) coffee and other equipment.

It is sad to see the legacy that Lucien created, destroyed by greed and squabbling but that is the way this cookie has crumbled. I am sure that there will be many companies that have started up since then will benefit, from the innovation Lucien brought to the Cape.

To Glynis and the team our thoughts are with you, and we offer you our support.

You can purchase similar style coffee from the following roasters, all of whom worked with Luicien himself while he was alive:

We are also sorry to see how his boys have been denied their heritage

24 Jan: There is again a roastery at Lourensford. Who is running it and what the link is to Lucien we do not know. But good luck to them


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