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Saturday, 21 July 2012

I'll have the Arabica one (excuse me sir?)

How many varieties of Arabica are there? I am not sure but here is where I log the ones I have sampled and heard of.

Coffee originally comes from a single varietal of Arabica found in the Limu forests of Ethiopia. From there is spread first to the Yemen, where then partially roasted seed became part of the silk trade, and eventually thanks to an Indian Monk Baba Budan ends up in Mysore Indian as a seed, and the Dutch then take it back to Holland, and so began the cross pollination and botanical fiddling, that today gives us over 140 varieties of Arabica.

coffee tree
Arabica Tree?

The original varietal is now call typica and is found in Ethiopia, and parts of what remains of the Yemen plantation, planted between 500 and 600 AD.

So I thought I may list a few that I have and will find in the future, there are in no particular order:
  1. Agaro Kaffa (after the Kaffa region in Ethiopia)
  2. Agro Gimma Kaffa
  3. Anomala
  4. Anormalis
  5. Arabusta Alemania (guess which plant was used there ;))
  6. Augustigolia
  7. Barbuck Sudan
  8. C. Liberica
  9. C. rasmosa
  10. canephora
  11. Castillo
  12. Caturra X Geisha
  13. Caturra
  14. Colombia
  15. costa ricva 95
  16. Erecta
  17. Garnica
  18. Geisha
  19. Ihcafé 90
  20. K.7
  21. Laurina
  22. Maragogype
  23. Moca
  24. Mundo nuvo
  25. Nana
  26. Polisperma
  27. Purpurascens
  28. red boubon (from the island)
  29. red Cataui
  30. resistant borbon
  31. RuiRu
  32. San Bernardo
  33. Semperflorens
  34. SL 28
  35. Tabi
  36. Timot Hybrid (there are a number)
  37. verigado
  38. Villalosbos
  39. Wash Wash
  40. yellow borbon
  41. yellow Cataui
  42. Zeguie
I will try and add others as I find them.

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