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Friday, 6 May 2011

Tasting a coffee results: Bugisu Mt Elgon from Uganda

Quick Pic in the Hopper

The Beans

The beans are relatively uniform, mostly oval, which means they are a closer origin to Arabica "typica". And that the crop is from a similar. We roasted them to just into second crack.

The Nose / Aroma

On the noise the it smells like roasted hazelnuts.

The Mouth / Tastes

the body is medium with a soft salt after taste. Caramel notes come through when drinking.


This is a great coffee, a grade 1 or specialty grade coffee. If I had to give it a score out of 100 I would score it about 88. Add to the fact that this is the first Ugandan coffee I have liked and we will make it available. We have only a limited supply, though.

As soon as we have it available we will add it to

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