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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Possibly there is good news for coffee lovers

The coffee world has been receiving mixed messages for the last 6 months on what is happening in the South American coffee producers. With low crop warnings coming since the end of last year from this region (and a number of others) coffee prices hit 36 year highs. Now the actual crops are being harvested or getting ready to be harvested the numbers look much better than anticipated.

  • Mexican coffee marginally higher at  1.85%, but the months to come are looking flatter
  • Columbian coffee crop is about to be harvested and there is a slight decrease if only 2% from so regions, but the regions we import from have had a small increase in crop of about 3%
  • Peruvian coffee numbers have increased to 8% from the previous year, and the country is also showing logistical improvements are making a difference to getting coffee to market
  • El Salvador's new crop having been completed, has an increase of 11.5% year on year
Of these countries in the last 4 years we have sold at least one coffee of single origin from co-op or farm, and hope the quality coffees we are able to gain access to will allow us some more of their coffees. We have a provisional order (depending on quality and crop) in for the Columbian coffees we have been providing, and although our supplies are low or depleted on some of them we hope to have new stock by August / September

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