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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

AeroPress did you know?

Materials used in the AeroPress® coffee maker

Aerobie in pieces
The AeroPress is made of three different plastics. Namely:

  • The clear chamber and plunger are made of copolyester.
  • The hard black filter cap, filter holder, funnel, and stirrer are made of polypropylene.
  • The rubber like seal on the end of the plunger is made of a thermoplastic elastomer.
All of these materials are FDA approved for use in contact with food.  None of these materials contain bisphenol-A (BPA) or any phthalates, chemicals that have been in the news lately because of possible health effects.

AeroPress coffee makers have been made of the materials described above since August 1st, 2009. Before then, the clear chamber and plunger were made of a very special high humidity and temperature resistant polycarbonate. Polycarbonate does not contain phthalates but it does contain BPA. Even though the FDA and other governmental agencies around the world approve polycarbonate for use in contact with food, Aerobie had an independent lab test coffee brewed in a well-used AeroPress to determine how much, if any, BPA leaches into coffee brewed in a polycarbonate AeroPress. And guess what absolutely none was detected. Given that result, one could ask why we switched to using copolyester. The answer is simple. The use of copolyester removes any perceived risk from BPA and it is a more attractive material.

Aerobie frequently get asked if they plan to make a glass or stainless steel AeroPress coffee maker. Interestingly we also receive frequent emails from consumers thanking us for not making the AeroPress of glass. I suspect those people are tired of breaking glass coffee carafes or glass coffee presses. The facts are that glass is fragile, heavy, and expensive to manufacture with the tolerances required for the AeroPress. People then ask how about stainless steel. Unfortunately stainless steel is heavy, expensive, and opaque and anyone that has used an AeroPress knows that transparency is helpful when using an AeroPress coffee maker. Aerobie therefore have no plans to make a glass or stainless steel AeroPress coffee maker and believe that the AeroPress coffee maker we currently manufacture is superior to a glass or stainless steel AeroPress coffee maker.

Even though the independent test lab was unable to detect BPA in the coffee brewed in a polycarbonate AeroPress, people who are concerned about using an AeroPress made of polycarbonate can take advantage of our spare parts policy, so you can purchase replacements for any of the AeroPress parts including the plunger and chamber.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Two coffees one good the other we throw away

I actually look forward to tasting new coffees, or even new crops of coffees we used to enjoy.

Today I tasted two coffees.

To date I have not tasted a Vietnamese Arabica. Vietnam is the second largest exporter of coffee in the world behind Brazil, with only 5% of the current production Arabica based. Although I am not sure what the varietal of Arabica the Vietnamese coffee I got, I can tell you it was not to my taste.

It is always in desperation that we have to push a coffee past second crack to get some distinct flavours, and the coffee from Vietnam we tried we had to do just this.

Luckily you smell before you taste, but even in bean form I was dubious of this coffee. When I put the fresh brew to my nose I could smell something medicinal and then started detecting camphor and cedar. On tasting I detected cloves and peppers, not an enjoyable experience. Personally I detested this coffee. In fact I threw the beans in the bin that where not ground.

The second coffee we tasted (after thoroughly rinsing mouth and brew equipment) was a coffee from Santa Barbara in Honduras this was quite enjoyable. The coffee we tasted was roasted to a City+ level, but flavours are apparent at most roast levels. For this roast level, when placing the coffee to the nose I detected light roasted Almonds and Caramels. On drinking the coffee, baker's biscuit with subtle brown sugars presented themselves. A medium bodied coffee with a sweet after taste. This will be great on its own, but the subtle flavours may be lost when adding milk.

We will make the Santa Barbara available as soon as we know how many bags we can get.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

We need you to vote

So we are trying to see if we can drum up some support for out eCommerce website. We have to make it into the top 40 to continue in the Awards.

To vote go to (link under the screen shot) to help push the voting.

As the public can only vote once per email address and their votes determine the award for "The Public's Favourite E-Commerce Website" as well as the contenders for Round 2 and Round 3, we highly recommend that websites add the banners to push the voting process to their customers. The banner will take voters directly to your voting page.