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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Jura J7 finally properly available in South Africa

We loved the J5, it was elegant and functional. Since then Jura have made a few tweaks to their models, and so there is a new J5, except it is called a J7.

What's new?

  • Touch screen instead of buttons
  • Zero energy switch
  • Updated brew unit and brew logic
At the moment the Piano Black is available, but I am sure those desperate enough to wait for the white one, can order and wait a month to get it.

Read more here.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Vespresso and Yirgacheffe

Okay no update for a while so let us start with some good news for those that have been pestering us for a darker roasted coffee, well we have finally buckled und the continual complaining ;). Those who have demanded it, and tasted it are giving us positive feedback. We've called the blend Vespresso.

What is it like, I cannot comment since I am not a fan of the darker roasted coffees, since the cigar taste becomes more exposed at these roast levels, I prefer the chocolate and caramels that are exposed at correct (or lighter) roast levels.

But for those that insist that sugar and milk belong in a cup of coffee, the feedback has been good. You like to have these additives in you coffee give it a try.

The bad news is that the current crop of the old favourite Yirgacheffe is sold out, and we are struggling to get more. This unique coffee has once again finished in the top 10 this year, and if you think that it is grown in the Sidama region of Ethiopia. Talking about top coffees our Los Naranjos is starting to run low, and the harvest from Columbia this year in not even yet, so we will be missing a favourite for about 3 months.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Coffee helping drive up productivity in Japan

I came across this news article today (see below) in which it was stated that a Japanese power producing company is going to add coffee grinder to the coal it already uses to help with power production. It will only assist with 1% of the power but it is a creative way of using coffee grounds, and the good news is that it produces more friendly CO2 as a bonus.

A saving is a saving no matter how small, and I am not quoting Horton here.

So how? They are acquiring tons of spent coffee grinds, that would normally do nothing be be chucked out, they are added it in a ration of 1:99 to coal so to drive the fire to produce steam through the turbines by coffee grinds, and it will smell good too ;).

Two out of the three R's, i.e. reduce, recycle and reuse. Well done I say! These sort of things need to be done, and the Japanese are driven by necessity to ensure that their waste is reduced at every turn, and this is just another way they are doing it.

Add to this the fact that studied should coffee in the office increases production, and coffee is powering the economy forward in it own unique way.

Japan to use coffee grounds as biomass fuel - Commodity Online | Biomass Energy News